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What doesn't kill Natasha

The name "Natasha" that English speakers are so familiar with is actually the informal, friend's version of Natalia. My husband calls me Tash, bureaucrats call me Natalia Reynolds, Russians call me Natalia Alexandrovna; you can call me Natasha.

I'm a tiny girl, who decided to become stronger and fitter. I was never an athlete, I was always last in all sports in school. The only 'almost athletic' background I have is 8 years of ballet school.

When my husband discovered CrossFit in December (2007), I was back in Russia visiting my family -- so my start in CrossFit began with him sharing the exercises and workouts with me over the internet. I even managed to involve my mom in doing Tabata squats and Tabata sit-ups with me :)

My first 'official' CrossFit workout was on January 23rd - 3.5 months ago.

I came from not being able to do even 1 push up to 4 in the beginning of the year, 6 by the time I started regular CF workouts, 11 after a month of CF and 21 after 2 months of crossfit.
I did my first ever strict pull-up on 25th of February and just yesterday I did really perfect kipping pull-up. One :)
My Grace time progressed from 11 minutes to 3:50 in 3 months, and just several days ago in "Elizabeth" I finally 'jumped' from 45# to 50# in my cleans :)
With CrossFit I decreased my 400 m time from 2:04 to 1:46, I ran my frist ever non-stop 5K (uh-oh, 40 minutes :) and learned that no matter how strongly I dislike running - it doesn't kill me!

My Crossfit total 'officially' is 276 now -
Squat 100
Press 56
DL 120

Since then my Press increased to 60# and my PR on DL is 131#. Still fighting with the squat, I'm stuck at 100# and it still feels incredibly heavy.
My goal is to get to 315 total by the end of May, my husband bet 200 burpees that I can do it :)

My weak lifts are slowing me down in all WODs, turning metcon WODs into strength exercises. That's why I'm starting on SS now. I have a lot of difficulties with the program, because my lifts are so small that it's nearly impossible to follow Rip's programming - 5# jump is a LOT for me, but I will work on it.

Ok, probably that's enough for beginning introduction :)
I'm going to share my goals, my results, my fails and my little victories (and some whinning sometimes) and I would love to hear from everyone of you.

Let's see what doesn't kill me!
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