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Re: 400m time guidelines

I guess older Crossfit metrics didn't look at speed like you racer-types do:

Elite: 1:04
Advanced: 1:19
Intermediate: 1:34
Beginner: 2:04
I guess untrained is >=2:05

from (w/f/s) the old crossfit North fitness standards

Maybe with Michael Collins' coaching, we'll raise our standards to get closer to NCAA Div. 1 times, which look like:

Men's indoor (American) record: ~44.5 seconds
2007-2008 NCAA championship times: 46.02-47.86 seconds with one straggler at 49+ seconds

Woman's indoor (American) record: 50.64 seconds
2008 NCAA times: 51.95-54.4 seconds

Outdoor times (from 2007 at least) were a couple seconds slower.

Based on this, I'd say that Aaron's times are appropriate for the generic track athlete (high school level), but for the rest of us schlubs who are trying to build and gauge our fitness over a "broad range of time and modal domains," the ranges for the intermediate (fair) and beginner (novice) levels may be a bit narrow. I'd say anyone with a 1:30 400m time qualifies as a fair runner in the broader sense and if you break 2:00, you've at least shown enough not to be lumped with the untrained masses.
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