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Re: more Louie Simmons: Olympic lifts not good for sports

Originally Posted by Gavin Harrison View Post
That's why there's a quote from Russian literature (forget what exactly) that says, "there is no relation between the ability to display great strength, and the ability to display great strength quickly". Louie, however, does a lot of rate of force development training. That's why he said in the debated video "we took a page from o-lifters' book". O-lifters are primarily concerned with rate of force, but Louie recognizes the synergetic effects of various types of strength, and thinks o-lifters should work on absolute strength a little more than most do.
Which is why I find his statement contradicting in nature. He says he borrowed a page from the O-lifters book, about force development, but then criticizes that same book, about the 1st pull, being bad for sports, force development.
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