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Re: Tim's Life Changing Workout Log

Well, well, well. Here we are again! This past spring/summer I started training for triathlons and ran/biked/swam all the time. I lost about 24 lbs. (199 to 175) and feel good. But, as it does, the Crossfit bug bit me and here I am starting up.....again.

I've been going at it for the last couple of weeks and decided I needed the motivation of writing down my workouts and progress again. So here goes!

Morning WOD
Cleans 5 x 3 @ 135 lbs.
15 minute AMRAP
10 OHS (75 lbs.)
200m run (did 50 forward/50 backward due to gym limitations)
100 single unders
Completed 6 rounds in 15:45

First workout in my new Nano 7.0's

afternoon WOD
10 minute EMOM
3 cleans @ 115
3 front squats @ 115
then accessory work


Deadlifts 5 x 3 @ bodyweight 175

4 rounds:
20 wall balls (14)
15 t2b
10 alternating DB snatches (35)

the snatches were too easy at 35. t2b hurt.

afternoon WOD
10 minute EMOM
4 deadlifts @ 155
5 box jumps


did strength after metcon
back squats 3 x 5 @ 155 lbs. felt beat after the WOD
Thrusters (60)
Burpee pull ups

That one was fun but hurt the lungs.
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