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i am attempting to use the information on the make your own rope thread.

mister mike yukish said :

" ...But in general, a nice fat locking biner and a 24" long loop of webbing or rope will let you hang it around a tree limb, playground equipment, or anything else. "

i was going to put one eye of the braid on a locking biner, the second loop/eye of the braid on a second biner and then attach them to a chain around a pull up bar and/or swing set frame high off the ground.

i was wondering if this was a workable solution. someone whom i asked made mention that you have to watch for "friction" when using carabiners and rope, and i wondered if this applied in this case. i would probably put some duct tape around the small rope eye before attaching the biners if this were an issue.

i also wondered if the carabiners would be able to support the weight of someone on the rope. there would be two of them, each attaching to a chain wrapped around the high bar.

thanks for any input people can offer on this.

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