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Re: Why should you use box squats in your box?

Originally Posted by Carl N Cobb View Post
Doing this would probably help my knees a ton.. I was Active duty Army for almost 4 years and now in the National Guard but on Active Duty running all the time and being a truck driver jumping off trucks alot and on deployment running in full gear and jumping off the trucks in that same gear took a toll on my knees, they arent horrible but with the squats followed by heavy pause front squats coupled with Oly Lifting everyday but Friday I have definetly started to feel some tightness in my knees lately.. The second time i did pause front squats as heavy as possible pausing at rock bottom, i went and ordered Rehband Knee Sleeves right after that and they seem to be helping a good bit.

Try it. I can tell you from personal experience it really goes a long way towards saving the knees. Both of mine are not good, but I can squat heavy weekly thanks to box squats.
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