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Response from Planet Fitness on doing CrossFit in their gyms

So, I emailed Planet Fitness corporate to see if they would allow crossfit in their facilities, even limiting it to dumbbell movements and pullups/dips.

Comments and Questions: Can i do CrossFit workouts in your Milwaukee gyms? Including doing overhead snatches, cleans, thrusters, and deadlifts with your dumbbells, and burpees? Yes, we sweat a lot, and our workouts are very very intense. Do you have a pull up bar and a dip station, and a place to do kipping pullups? And, can I bring in my rings?
And here's their response:

Thank you for your interest in Planet Fitness! You are invited to stop by the club at anytime to take a tour of the facility and ask any questions. No appointment is needed.

We do not permit the exercises about which you inquired. Due to liability reasons, members are not able to bring in outside equipment. We have the assisted pull-up/dip machine in our gyms. Below if further information about Planet Fitness: (An ad about how great PF is, their so called "Circuit" workout and "Judgement free" workout environment, and "Lunk Alarm"...)