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Seeking Two Part-Time Coaches in Leander, TX

Hey all!

We're seeking two part-time coaches for the fastest growing, most fun and dynamic box in Leander, TX! If you love lifting heavy, participating in/coaching odd object training, or have a love of coaching kids, we're the place for you!

Part-time CrossFit Kids Coach - we offer three CrossFit Kids classes per day (one Teens class, two Kids classes) - looking for coverage for four Kids classes/wk. Requirements: CF Level 1, CF Kids, a great attitude and ability to positively engage young children.

Part-time CrossFit Coach - our programming involves a good amount of strength training and a degree of Strongman bias. If you're unfamiliar with Strongman movements or techniques, that's OK! We can train you! We have many CF Strongman and American Strongman Corp. L1 trainers at our facility! Requirements: CF Level 1, at least one other CF seminar under their belt (Strongman, Powerlifting, Rowing, or Kettlebells preferred).

Are you currently in pursuit of your L1 and looking for a place to intern? We can help! An L1 with no coaching experience looking for a break? We can help! We've all been there, and many of our coaches were given opportunities others would not have offered them given experience alone...let us pay it forward!

We encourage all of our coaches to pursue their passions and interests at our facility, so there are PLENTY of opportunities for growth, expansion of one's knowledge base, and, of course, DEM GAINZ!!

Please feel free to submit your CV to

See you at the bar!
PRISM CrossFit (wfs)
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