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Jason Billows
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Bryan, sounds like you should convert it all into a Crossfit vacation getaway. Nice.

If I were you I'd make a list of equipment for your dream gym. Things you'd like to have say 3 years down the road. Find out the dimensions of each and make little cutouts to scale. Then draw a scale map of the workshop, lay the cutouts down onto the map and start moving things around. You'll probably find a layout that works well for the space naturally.

Things to keep in mind are how easy you can transition from one piece of equipment to the next. So many of the CF workouts have you jumping from one exercise to the next that you'd want to give that some thought.

One layout that may prove to be very versatile is to have all of the equpment on the perimiter with your dojo mats in the middle.

You'll want something like stall mats for flooring in the areas where you'll be dropping weights. In other areas where you may have a treadmill or C2 you may not need anything. I'm not to sure if the vibrations from using the equipment on concrete would add to the wear and tear.

Have fun setting the gym up.
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