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Hey gang -- I just finished moving into my new house -- which just happens to have... a 720 square foot attached, lighted, heated, finished "shop".

My plan is to convert the entire shop to my own personal dojo and workout space. I'm guestimating 2/3 of the space will be "dojo" floor and 1/3 will be used for a treadmill and workout equipment (as time and finances allow... I'm a long ways from a fully functional home crossfit gym).

Anyway, now that I've got the space, I'm looking for suggestions on how much space to plan for a treadmill, lifting rack, rower, etc. Does 1/3 of 720sf sound like enough? I plan on building plyo boxes and making some cheap home stuff, but I want to be able to do deadlifts and the like as well. I probably won't build a lifting platform initially, and the weights and bar(s) will come later due to costs.

Also -- any suggestions as to the type of floor to put in -- either for the dojo or the workout area? The shop is currently all on concrete. I believe the ceiling is 9'.

Thanks for any/all suggestions.

Did I mention the hot tub outside? :-)

-P. Bryan Edge-Salois
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