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Re: Female and 50

Hmm, 5 and 7lb weights. I only use those weights with my little gymnast girls who weigh about 40-70lbs for lower body stuff and they are encouraged to lift heavier ones when their form and strength is ready. We never use them for much else except maybe some rows or curls or in addition to a bodyweight exercise (back extensions or situps). Some of the older girls might use them for shoulder mobility stuff.

I was gonna say find a CF gym but you stated you live very far away from one. If you ever get the chance, take a trip I'd say.

About the most harm you can do with a 5/7lb weight is dropping them on your toes or hitting yourself in the face with them on a curl.

One of the things I was talking to my buddy the other night when it comes to scheduling workouts in is that you can always program a cycle of tabata something in and call it a day.

4 minutes long. Go for 2 or 3 different movements if you have the time and/or inclination. But 4 minutes is better than 0 minutes.

A cycle of burpees/squat thrusts or just a double cycle of squats and pushups or lunges and situps, whatever.

Simple, easy and effective. You could use your cardio machines or TRX ( to do pullup rows ) as well.
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