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Re: Female and 50

Very Nice bicycle.
I'd consider using it to get to work. Really good way to cut weight fast. I know this back in 2008 I had balooned up to over 180 but I was back to 165ish in no time by having to bike commute 10-30 miles a day. Mtn bike mind you, not a road bike.

Now I use a road bike and I figure it helps me burn some kcals easy. I don't ride hard by any means but I generally ride at least 10 miles a day or so up to 30. Luckily, I try not to ride really at all on Sundays but I dislike using the light rail.

As for diet, you can look into the Zone or Paleo or Primal. Basically try to cut out sugar ( I need to get back to this but I'm lazy and stressed right now ). Cut out sodas and juice. Maybe juice once a week. Milk is another thing I've cut out though I love the stuff ( I do drink whey protein though ).

Most CrossFitters or a lot of them end up cutting out carby stuff. Bread and pasta. I'm not going say NEVER EAT THEM AGAIN OR YOU WILL GET FAT AND DIE, but cut them out for the most part. Pretty easy to do. Eat them from time to time if you need to carb reload.

The TRX is good for pushups and rows. I know it has other uses but I think those should be your bread and butter exercises.

I'd look up the CrossFitKids scaled WOD's or BodyWeight WOD's. CleanEatsZoo is alright but mainly the WOD's are if you have no equipment.

What kind of weights do you have? Some use of weights is better than none.
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