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Re: Gillian Mounsey Article

Crossfit is not responsible for the evils of the world. Women had body image issues before Coach Glassman was born, and will continue to have them long after all of us are dead and gone.

With that said, even a cursory glance through the main page and the Games site will tell you that Crossfit HQ glorifies a particular look, for both men and women. Many people here (myself included) find that look attractive, but it isn't going to be genetically possible for everyone, nor is it necessarily the best look for performance (even Crossfit performance).

Which means that Crossfit coaches need to do what Crossfit has always claimed to do: focus on performance, not aesthetics. That's especially true since the CFHQ party line on nutrition is somewhat questionable to begin with. First, do no harm: It's pretty risky for a CF coach with no special nutrition training to start telling someone who is already very athletic that they need to lose weight or follow a particular diet. The person could succeed, but they could easily crash and burn, too.


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