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Edvard Fagerholm
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Re: Edvard's Workout Log


KB box jumps 5x5 (KB at chest) used 1.5 pood

3 rounds for time of:
40 box jumps (20")
30 KB swings @ 2 pood
20 KB lunges (10 per leg) @ 2 pood

21 min 3 sec. Felt terrible. Had a really busy day, so I had nothing to eat or drink after breakfast... and I did this workout at 7PM. Low bloodsugar and dehydration doesn't seem to help with metcons. Probably should have had at least one glass of water to drink during the day...


Worked on handstands.

AMRAP 15 min:
5 clapping push-ups
10 burpees
15 jump squats

Got 5 rounds + 3 jumps squats. I absolutely suck at anything that involves pushing, so I got stuck on the clapping push-ups already on the 3rd round.


5x10 KB Single leg deadlifts (one in each hand) @ 1.5 pood
5x10 KB rows @ 1.5 pood

2 min left plank
2 min right plank
2 min "normal" plank

Each break was supposed to be 10 seconds. Counted the number of breaks. Had to take 4 breaks (one of them was 6 seconds though).
Current tested maxes:
Squat: 245, Sumo DL: 315, Push-press: 125, pull-up (supinated): 60 (in lbs)
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