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Re: Cfcc Bccc 2010

Day 1!
Today went pretty well, protein and carb totals were around where I want them to be, need to watch out for fat sneaking in everywhere (coconut oil is just too delicious!). Definitely succeeded in eating more of everything - may need to make breakfast/dinner bigger and lunch smaller, as I'm not too hungry during the day, was pretty full from lunch today. Haven't had a chance to start whey protein or fish oil... will hopefully do this soon. Back squats went really well today, 125x5 and my previous max was 135x1 not too long ago, sooooo somethings working . Anyways here's what I ate...

Smoothie with raspberries, blueberries, a banana, cherries, greek yogurt & soy milk
Scrambled eggs (2) with red onion, cherry tomatoes, and spinach

1 cup chicken salad with almonds, grapes, mayo and red onions
4.5 oz raw cauliflower
2 'pancake' things (ha) - taste like banana bread to me, the mix had 2 bananas, 1 tbsp almond butter and 1 egg in it and made about 8 small pancakes

1 oz turkey jerky

5.5 oz baked tilapia with cherry tomatoes, capers, lemon juice
5 oz sweet potato cooked in coconut oil
3/4 cup cauliflower mash

Also, water at every meal and throughout the day.

Total calories: 1732.7
Total fat: 88.3g (+27.5g)
Total carbs: 127.1g (in the 120 - 150 range so okay by me)
Total protein: 132.2g (+10.2g)

On to day 2...
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