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Re: Tall People GTFIH

Originally Posted by Joshua Refenes View Post
Well, I'm not really a tall skinny bastard, but I have done my fair share of complaining that CF is biased against tall people
6'3"/240 here, and I think we should wear it like a badge! If it was easy (big or not) everyone would do it... we get the "benefit" of saying we're doing more work in the same movements because of the increased distance

Originally Posted by Alix Clark View Post
Tall chick checking in - I'm 6ft tall and 37yo - which is great for rowing and box jumps, not so great for o-lifting (my nemesises (sp??)).

I don't mind pull ups so much but suck at power cleans, clean and jerk etc. My max DL is currently 254# (I weigh 154#) and I always feel like I have to lift it sooooo much further than everyone else.

Nice to see some tall people here. I love CF but def think it would be "easier" if I was 6" shorter!!
Even if you found it easier then you'd be mad you weren't doing it FASTER! Be proud of moving more weight a longer distance than the rest...
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