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Question about push-ups

I haven't been able to do a push-up in the "traditional" method (i.e., palms on the floor) since I broke my wrist. I now do push-ups on parallettes or, when at home, on a chin-up bar set to the ground. The end result is that I now go really deep on push-ups since I can pretty much touch my chest to the bar (or even go deeper when on parallettes). Ever since the switch though, my triceps are totally done when I'm finished.

This never happened before when doing push-ups on my palms or my knuckles (which I can't do anymore either, thanks to a disappeared knuckle), and I'm not sure if it's a form issue or what. I can still tell that my chest and abs are getting a nice workout, but I'm baffled as to why my triceps would suddenly be feeling the burn?

Is this just something I never noticed before because I wasn't getting the same ROM or am I somehow doing push-ups wrong all the sudden (or maybe right)?

[Edit: On a side note, can anyone recommend a decent chin-up bar? I have a (or something similar to that) chin-up bar that I bought because it was cheap, and it's a total piece of junk.]
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