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Re: Couple of clarifying questions...

I heard the other day a guy talking about a Power Snatch...

Surely the Squat in the snatch IS the exercise? If you take that out it turns into a funny looking C+J.

Um.....when did I get them confused...?"
When you said
"If you take that out it turns into a funny looking C+J"
Well from a newbie PoV that what they do look like, never said that's what it your point is?

"Never said it wasn't useful, I asked how is it useful. "

Really, you did?
Fair enough could have been clearer on that point.

"Surely the Squat in the snatch IS the exercise? If you take that out it turns into a funny looking C+J."

is a really crappy way of asking what the snatch is for, since the two people that responded both though it sounded alot like
"Surely the Squat is the snatch?" is a question, the answer is, "Yes kinda, but it is also the pelvic thrust, which you can focus on training by minimizing the squat a little bit, i.e. Power Squat"

See how easy that was...that was about 24 words, how many words have you used so far telling me I'm a pain in the ass?

BTW some would argue that the Pelvic thrust / Hip power isnt what the Snatch is about as the Clean trains the same. It's the Power trained by the decaleration of the Squat under weight. But I guess I shouldn't listen to the Certified Olympic Coach at my gym.

"Power snatch? that doesn't seem like it's good for anything"

If you want to ask a question about something, it's a good idea to not sound insulting to the thing you are asking about.
Um...pretty sure I didn't say that...could be wrong....let me look...nope didn't think so. Trying to put words in someones mouth is an interesting debating techneque, I should try that sometime. Oh and I do owe you an apology, I forget that Oly lifts have fellings.

"I am training both the Power Clean and straight Snatch. The Power Snatch is something new to me, so I ask a question. so... what's your point here."

My point is for alot of training, you actually have to try it, you can't get all you need from reading. Experimentation in training is paramount.
Bulls**t, so I should just try everything I'm told to do by everybody! EDUCATED experimentation in training is paramount, uneducated is just asking for a screw-up. And this is what I'm doing here, I have some specific goals that arguably will be obtained better by changing the balance of the WOD or adding additional stuff on. Before I experiment with this, I ask the opinon of more educated people, so at least I am undertaking some semi educated experimentation.

" do realise this sentence make no sense..."

And yet you tell me I need to work on comprehension. You have been trying to come up with programming in a fair number of your threads and yet you don't know anything about one of the more useful and basic excersizes which leads me to believe there are a host of other things you don't know. You need to find these things out, here, there, and somewhere else before trying to come up with stuff on your own.
LMAO, I don't even know how to explain how that makes absolutly no sense. Give me a moment to wrap my head around how ilogical that statement is.

Lets keep arguming over the net shall's so much fun!


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