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Re: Hybrid programs

Gant, The point of Met-Cons is not strength focus. No where did I say scale it down to a 2 minute Fran. What I am talking about is getting up to the prescribed weight and attempting, avoiding sacroplasmic hypertrophy the fastest way. Once bar speed is at its most productive speed and maintainable, increase the weight. So similar to Jeff chimed in, once you cannot move faster in order produce more force over time, then increase the weight. If you are moving light loads fast, like you mentioned in the above posts, then strength is being developed dynamically with starting strength, acceleration strength and even strength endurance, without the CNS mapping slow movement.

Guys that are more on the slow twitch to average end struggle with these kinds of events, and find it hard to improve rapidly without first lowering the weight and mapping the movement with quickness.

When you lower the reps you are then doing modified "Heavy" Fran, with "Scaled" weight. Totally, valid, but it is not meant to see the same result.

Either way, Gant, good work. You continue to lead the charge.
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