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Re: A Bears Tale

Saturday 19th April 2008


800m Run
50 Good Mornings 45lb (no back extension machine)
50 Sit-ups (anchored)
16.37.88 Pukie was trying to make a visit but i held him down

9 rounds and 5 reps
. Much harder than the normal ladder!!

20 mins Jumprope practice. 20 mins Handstand practice. The more i do them it seems to just improve. 8 consecutive DU's was my best, but nearly made a hole in the floor, BANG BANG BANG!!

Richard: Looking forward to tomorrow for a new match up. Today was the hardest i have pushed on a treadmill, was doing the 800m runs in about 3 mins at 16kph!
Fran 3:19. Diane 2:49. Elizabeth 5:48. Cindy 26+21. Helen 7:50. JT 7:03. Grace 1.56
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