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Re: For Everyone Struggling With Shoulder Problems!

Originally Posted by Hasib Saliefendic View Post
Hi All,

I've read so many of these posts from those of you struggling with shoulder problems and I feel your pain. I've been having many of the same symptoms for months, that have been the "weak link" for me, and I am SO HAPPY that I've found something that has started to help me heal it!!!!!

The Frozen Shoulder Workbook by Clair Davies

This book is GREAT! everything you wanted to know about trigger point therapy and your shoulders. It is also a self-treatment guide. GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!!!!

Backing up a bit...

My symptoms have been:
* Sudden onset during sleep and poor sleep due to pain
* Sharp pains during activity in various positions, with and without weight
* Severely decreased range of motion and strength

Always aggravated by doing movements such as overhead presses, overhead squats, thrusters, handstands (handstand pushups? No way), push ups, dips.

I have tried massage therapy, all kinds of stretching, all the other rotator cuff and shoulder exercises referred to in other posts, ice, heat, etc.

I was afraid I really damaged them through lots of pullups, dips, and pushups, because that's essentially all I did before my trouble started.

Through all the stuff I've tried, it is really clear that Trigger Point Therapy EXACTLY describes what has been going on and after treating myself, the results are better than any other I have gotten.

Other equipment that I use:
1. A mini 7" basketball - picked it up for about $6 at my local Sportmart and inflated it to roll on. This is a great tool for deep massage and can be left slightly deflated until you can take more pressure. There are various special rollers you can buy, but for a few bucks and IMHO these work better.

2. A LaCrosse ball - $9 or so for a 3-pack at Big-5. Recommended in the book, these are hard rubber and don't compress like a tennis ball does when you put your weight on it, so it's perfect for digging into those trigger points.

I've been spending time every day working it, and you do need to know that it can be painful when you put pressure on the trigger points. However, the relief from pain, increased range of motion and strength CAN be almost immediate. I'm sure it will take me a few more weeks, but I am truly amazed.

If you have any doubts about a possible serious injury you should probably have it checked out.

The book was less than $13 bucks on Amazon and I bought it together with "Trigger Point Self-Care Manual" by Donna Finando. This book is not quite as detailed as the Frozen Shoulder Workbook, and I would choose another Clair Davies book next time.


I hope to hear that some of you find yourselves healing faster through this info.

Good Luck and I'd be happy to provide any more info.


Thanks for the info. I bought 2 of the books today. I'll go back for the other Clair Davies book next time.
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