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Re: Why MMA/KM?

Respect Becca... you're always positive and open to constructive discussions... thanx for all your input...

Jason, thanx for posting that graphic. Very interesting. It's interesting that fist-fights are more predominant than firearms AND knives both in the entire country as a whole AND in every region, w/ the exception of firearms in the south. It reflects exactly how i feel towards confrontation. And it makes perfect sense that the predominant confrontation features objects. People for the most part are gonna grab something/have something to hit you with. And that's why i feel that knowing how to fight is crucial to self-defense. You can fight a fist-fight or even someone w/ a bat, but if you find yourself at gun point or threatened to be sliced, there is not much that you can do. Self-defense than may come down to negotiation/communication skills, running/parkour skills, and innumerous other elements that may be out of your control, but as the graph demonstrates, the odds favor a fist-fight or the use of an object, in which case knowing how to fight will go a looonnng way towards protecting oneself.
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