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Re: Baby steps - cutting out some sugars

Yes, I know I need to eliminate bread from my diet too. Right now, I'm focusing on the pure sugar I put in my mouth. I have always been very aware of what's good for me and what's bad for me. I just never followed my own advice. I figured that since I'm working so dang hard in training, I need to work just as hard with my diet so I can see all that beautiful muscle I'm building AND it's just a shame to hurt my body by pumping in all that icky stuff. I think my increased appetite is due to eliminating some of that sugar. I'm making up for it with good foods. But, how much fruit and veggies is too much? It's a difficult task and I will never have a perfect diet because I enjoy things such as ice cream, cookies and chips. I love my morning coffee with cream too. I'm a work in progress at age 38.
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