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Re: Howard
His workout for today was:
3 rounds: 10 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 30 squats
I made sure he knew what the proper form was. However, after one round he said he was already sweating and feeling whipped, and would have to do the other two later today. It's a start, right?

He isn't fat, just out of shape.
(11:29:37 AM) Chuck: So Like
(11:29:41 AM) Chuck: Why Am I Not Fat Yet
(11:29:48 AM) Pat: I have no idea.
(11:29:51 AM) Chuck: I Drink SO Much **** Soda And Eat So Much Tacobell
(11:29:55 AM) Chuck: And Like A Month Ago I Got A Bloodtest
(11:30:03 AM) Chuck: They Said I Was One Of THe Healthiest People That Ever Came In
(11:30:09 AM) Chuck: I Know
(11:30:14 AM) Chuck: They Said I Literally Have "Super Blood"
(11:30:22 AM) Chuck: And I'm The "Embodiment Of Phyiscal Fitness"
(11:30:24 AM) Pat: XDDDD What the ******* ****?
(11:30:27 AM) Chuck: Which I LoL'd At SO Hard
(11:30:36 AM) Chuck: They Said Once I Turn 18 People Could Benefit From My Blood Donations
(11:30:46 AM) Pat: You're bull******** me.
(11:30:48 AM) Chuck: No Lies
(11:30:54 AM) Chuck: My Daddy Even Laughed
(11:30:56 AM) Chuck: He's Like
(11:31:01 AM) Chuck: You're So Lucky You've Got Your Mothers Genes

Re: Andy
He is also an avid skateboarder, and I let him know that CrossFit would strengthen his push and increase his balance.

I used to be a PSO addict (different video game)... Over a period of 2.5 years, I built up about 4000 hours on that game. Yes, that's alot. A whole lot. Don't bother calculating the hours per day. Just know it's alot. Then I took an interest in my health. I still play some video games, just barely any though.

Re: Andres
Actually, one of the things I showed him was a video of the "300" actors training. He said that looked like it'd be so fun. I said that's essentially CrossFit (however, I assume they worked out for much longer and had really specialized diets to get THAT ripped).
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