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Re: Hybrid Program Heavy Metcons

At my gym,
we base wods off percentages of 1RMs
we also shook p the texas method in doing so and it works really well
through the fall we had a set of lifts for "Day A" and a set of lifts for "Day B"
On Odd weeks 1, 3, 5 etc,, we would do day A lifts on Monday and sat
On even weeks, we would do Day B lifts on monday and sat
In the texas method, omndays were volume days, so they would do 5x5 on the 3 lifts for that day
saturdays are PR Days and wednesdays are dynamic days for the opposite set of movements
I felt that there was already so much dynamic movement in cf already so it was kind of unnecessary to have a day to focus on it, so we would just go light with those lifts, maybe 50% and throw them into a wod
The way we flipped the 5x5 was by doing 25 reps for time with the set weight, I would recommend starting this at around 70%
If you manage to finish 25 reps withing a 5 minute period, then bump the weight up by 5lbs next time around, if you were close, then keep it the same
this made each lift feel like a wod in itself, it was very tough, but definetly helped build work capacity
saturdays we kept the same as the texas method and just went after PR's
The element that this lacked was it was extremely time consuming and people were so beaten up on tuesdays that we had to make it a rest day only 1 day into the week

The changes I have made are as follow
instead of goin after 25 reps, we are shortening it to 10 and that will be at 85% and we added penalty movements at every rest to make it more of a couplet and develop some gymnastic movements at the same time
For example, here is our monday program that we are beginning tomorrow
we are very strict with form, so once it gets sloppy we force them to take a break and this is only for our advanced members
Part A) Squat Clean-Build up a 3 rep max

Part B)10 Reps For Time

Power clean 85% 1RM

10 Penalty Strict Handstand Push uPs at every break

Part C) 10 Reps For Time

Front Squat 85%

5 Penalty Muscle Up Attempts at every break

Part d) 10 Reps For Time

Back Squat 85%

10 Penalty Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups at every break

add up total weights and times of parts B, C and D for your score

Just thought these general principles might help some of you guys, instead of throwing an Rx weight out there, apply a percentage and make the wod asevenly challenging for everyone
John McGuire, CSCS, CF1, KBC
Howard Beach CrossFit
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