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Re: Exercise Associated Hyponatremic Encephalopathy, Gatorade and the ACSM

To "sweeten the pot" CrossFit has 500 copies of Noakes' book available to give to interested parties; reply in this thread if you would like one. We'll grab your email from the admin side, so you don't need to post your email publicly, and our team will contact you for the rest of your information.
Requests so far - will keep this updated, so hit me if I miss you.

Joshua J Grenell
Chris Cooper
Christopher Morris
Dakota Base
Andy Shirley
Russel K Olofson
Teena Escobar
Amy Hollingsworth
Jason Donaldson
Alden Hingle
Christopher E Bloom
Jesse Phillips
Barry Stockbrugger
Ryan Kingsbury
Darrel White
Kirez Reynolds
Darby Darrow
MIchael Wuest
Jason David
Kevin Keast
Joey Dussel
Adam Manery
Robert D Taylor Jr
Mark Lamoree
Greg Whitekettle
Rob McBee
Josh Murphy
William J Mallon
Greg Light
Steven Nedorolik
Steven Wingo
Brian Watts
Shane Scott
Preston Sprimont
Dave Rubin
Chris Russell
Sean Rockett
Graham Leck
Sean McCue
Kenny Markwardt
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