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Sean here is a post i did yestrday at the evolutionaryfitness listserve:

Coffee, cashews, and dairy cream are all "natural" in that they were not synthesized in a lab but an approach I take (I think most on the list would agree with this) is to weigh the relative cost/benefit of consuming various "non-paleo" items.

Coffee in my mind is the easiest to accept as we co-evolved with multitudes of plants which contained stimulants such as caffeine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine etc. Ethnobotany seems to indicate that cultures with access to consciousness altering substances used them. What becomes important is the setting in which they were used. Typically this was infrequent and coincided with spiritual/social events. These stimulants were not being consumed in a state which typifies modern life: overworked, underslpet, poorly nourished. Stress in HG societies appears to have been very low by our standards and intermitant in nature.

Cashews are not a legume but they do cantain lectins which can have deliterious effects in susceptable individuals. If i remember correctly they have much more n-6 than n-3 fatty acids...that is doing no one any favors! Finally Cashews have an irritating substance in their outer shell which is similar to that found in poison ivy, oak, sumak and others. it is impossible to remove all of this irritant and again susceptable individuals can experience varring degrees of GI upset and I think an increased risk of permeable gut syndrome.

Cream (dairy) is as neolithic a food as one can find! Dairys' problems in general are lactose intolerance, high insulin response (significant amounts of fats and carbs consumed together) and finally molecular mimicary/lectin issues. Beyond this grain fed dairy has a horrible n-3/n-6 and is very high in sat'd fat...(I know there is some debate about the role of sat'd fat and various diseases but the bottom line is that wild grass fed animals had a very low % of sat'd fat).

When assessing what is "natural" is is very important to check ones frame of refferance...consumption of grains, dairy and other items looks natural because humans have in general been doing it several thousand years...that seems to be a long time. When we look back beyond agriculture however we encounter a lifeway which developed for several million years and it is that lifeway to which our genes are adapted for. Robb

IMO you would do much better eating very lean non "organic" meats (turkey breast, chicken breast, london broil etc) over the dairy. Used as a main protein source I think dairy could ( as I mentioned above) be problematic in susceptable individuals. Additionally, if the meat you are eating says "organic" but does not say "grassfed" you may be sparing yourself from a bit of antibiotics and growth hormone...but the effects these items have on health compared to the effects an excess of n-6 (omega six) fatty acids have...there is simply no comparison. Do not get taken in by gimmicky marketing.

SOY-it lowers testosterone levels directly and is toxic to testicular tissue...I can not say more due to the sheer terror of it.

As to whether low carbing will affect your training...It depends. Dan John seems to march along like a machine with vary low carb intake in the winter months. i did this for about three years and it was great but more recently I have been incorperating some seasonal fruit, carrots, beets, onions and other moderately carb dense foods and have done well. I think I am still under 25% carbs and that seems to work for me. it took me quite a while to reverse my insulin resistance and I think that was why I could not tollerate carbs. I just had a hydrostatic weighing and my bodyfat is at 5%. So now I can tolerate more carbs but I really use how I feel post meal to regulate that. If that does not cover evrything, let me know!
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