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sean hernandez mccumiskey
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I recently read an article titled: Bad Politics as Nutrition as Genecide, from the today section here at cross fit. I have began eating a diet consisting of green vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs and dairy products. I left the meat out because I eat meat only once a week due to the high cost of organic meat. Is it ok to use eggs and dairy products as my major sorce of protein? And are soy products out for this type of diet? does any one have something to say about Ketosis? and do you think Atkins is right about things? well its my second non grain/carb day and I feel wierd and crave bread like crazy. Is this low carb diet going to effect my training performance? why doesnt the coach from the article include thing like carrots, and beats and stuff like that in this diet? I thought they were good for you, at least the carrots.
thanks sean
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