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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Originally Posted by Chris Kemp View Post
Jamie, that could work. Depends on how much time you need to recover from benching before pressing. Could also consider adding your bench press day after deads and running a 3 on 1 off cycle or simply alternating bench and press every other week.

Just a case of making it fit with your capacities, goals and practical limitations.

Cheers, kempie
First off, I really like this program, and owe thanks to Jeff and his guinea-pigs!

In a similar note, I was thinking about inserting weighted pullups + high-rep pullups on that day.

In my case, 4 days a week just works better so I was considering making the 1st day BS + weighted pullups + high-rep pullups + 1/2 metcon, and then leaving out the metcon-only day.

S: BS+WPU+HRPU+metcon
M: rest
T: DL+HRDL+metcon
W: rest
T: FS+HRBS+metcon
F: P+HRP+metcon
S: rest

Just tiny tweaks, really... one for scheduling purposes (I'll take the metcon hit) and one because I like pullups, and would love to build pullup strength to the point where I can start working a 1-arm pullup (best so far is BW+78 lbs).
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