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Re: E's Workout Journal

August 10, 2015

CrossFit RX

WOD Metcon (Reps):

Hazed and Confused
Teams of Two - 3:00 at each station

2 Rounds AMRAP
1. Assault Bike for Calories
2. Front Squat 65 lbs
3. 20 lb Dumbbell Hex hold (both partners hold)
4. Row for Calories
5. Prowler Push (50 Meters)

No rep count recorded per coach. Too much to remember.

Notes: That was one of the hardest workouts ever. My first time on the assault bike and the prowler push. Teammate and I split the work pretty evenly down the middle. I was dying on the second round of exercises, but somehow rose up like a phoenix and did the full 50 meter prowler push to finish the workout.

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