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Re: Win a copy of my ebook "The Barefoot Running Guide"

Well i DID wear them in house and around i think (ill have to check purchase date) were talking about 4-5 months fairly constant usage. And ive just noticed the soles getting worn.... Now to save them im gonna wear cheaper flatsoles around town...

Ive done plenty of KB workouts in the street, in them but ironically no running

For comparison my first pair of VFF classic's have worn through in a couple of places. The Feelmaxs come out probably behind for durability. But for overall feel - feelmaxs all the way.... you really feel more of the ground. If they can make them a touch more durable id be in hog heaven....although i might still get another set.

I also found my classics ate up my achillies. Had to cut them down at the back!
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