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Re: Win a copy of my ebook "The Barefoot Running Guide"

Originally Posted by Tony Black View Post
Fanned up

Review the Niesa Feelmax's dude i suspect theyll beat those Vivo's.....there sole makes the VFF's feel like clogs. Oh yeah and they also allow the toes "free splay".

Mine have worn in the soles in a shape that looks exactly like a barefoot!
I really have to pick up a pair of Niesa's. I hear the Osma's (which were designed for running) have a hard rubber sole which will completely destroy the appeal of the rest of the Feelmax line. How many miles have you put on the Niesas? I would use them primarily for trail running, so that typically helps with durability. I'd also like to use them instead of VFFs for the gym. My local YMCA isn't keen on being barefoot...
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