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Win a copy of my ebook "The Barefoot Running Guide"

Since so many local (and not local) Crossfitters have contacted me about doing WODS or running barefoot or in minimalist shoes, I thought I'd toss this out to the entire community. I'm giving away two copies of my ebook "The Barefoot Running Guide" this Saturday. To enter the contest, all you have to do is become a fan of my Barefoot Running University page on Facebook:!/p...y/205387591057

or become a follower on my barefoot blog:

You can find details of the ebook here:

On an unrelated note- how common is barefoot WODS in your local CF gym? My local gym (Crossfit Grand Rapids: has shown lots of interest. Is this fairly universal? I know POSE has been slowly shifting from recommending minimalist shoes to more barefoot, but I'm curious if that trend pertains to CF, too.


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