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Re: Marianne's log

Today I am starting the Bulgarian workout that you can find on Coach B's site (WFS) under programs.. We discussed it in the gym yesterday and we are going to all use 15# less than our 1rm for the first round of this since it is supposed to be for more elite lifters. I liked it because it felt nice and light, but with a lot of reps so I could work on form. it is a 23 day program that you can do 3 days/week or 4. I am going to try for 4, but I have a couple weeks coming up where I am travelling through Monday, so we will see...
73% 2 x 3 at 35#
77%: 3 x 2 at 38#
88%: 5 x 1 at 45#

Clean and Jerk:
73%: 2 x 3 at 55#
88%: 5 x 1 at 65#

Front Squat:
85%: 2 x 2 at 105#
90%: 5 x 1 at 115#
my book (wfs)5'/51y/120lb
, L1,gym,row, oly cert
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