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Re: Dropping in

I think most people here are going to ask how your diet is. Nutrition is the foundation of CrossFit, the base of the Fitness "pyramid".

The CrossFit workouts are the stimulus, they will provide the ideal environment to either lose fat or gain muscle, but....

HOW MUCH you eat will determine how much weight you gain/lose

WHAT you eat will determine what you gain or lose (you don't want to lose muscle and gain fat!)

Most will suggest looking into Zone/Paleo.

Some common things to consider when one loses a lot of weight and then hits a weightloss "wall" is what is happening to the metabolism. As you get smaller, the lower your metabolism is going to be. If you have consistently been in a caloric deficit, then you may have entered "starvation mode" and your body is throttling back, trying to hold onto every last useful bit of energy stores, especially if your diet was low in fat. In other words, the "diet sized" meals that you had planned out at the beginning of your weight loss are probably just "maitenance sized" now. Also, give your body more good fat (fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc.) to feed on, and it won't hold onto your fat stores. The "fat phobia" created by the mass media is the one of the biggest mental obstacles that people have to overcome.

Welcome to CrossFit! The best fitness stimulus out there! A great community here as well. I'm sure you'll find plenty of info and help. A great deal of info can be found by just searching the archives.

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