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Dropping in

Just wanted to post in the forum after lurking here for a month or so. I am in my early 30's and have lost 60-70lbs of fat and gained 15-20lbs of muscle over the course of two years. I am changing jobs within the next month, so I figured its time to change my routine. Its time to finish cutting the fat! I was directed here by an online friend of mine who suggested Crossfit to help me lose my remaining 20lbs. Currently I have been doing a 4-day heavy-weight split, along with 3 days of 30min cardio sessions on a treadmill, and have hit a weightloss wall. It is to my understanding that Crossfit is somewhat the opposite of what I've been doing (all but the cardio) and I believe it will help me lose the remaining fat. Most importantly I just want to continue to improve my overall health. I look forward to gaining cardiovascular endurance and speed within my workouts.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!

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