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Re: Joe's CF & Zone Diet Log

Workout for today was:
100 Ring rows
100 push ups
100 back extension
100 crunches
100 squats
100 heel raises
Workout was spaced out throughout the day. Made sure that each rep was in good form. Rows were done with rings looped over the top of a fence and I leaned away from the fence. Back extension were on the floor.

Ate a 5 block smoothie for breakfast, 5 block Lunch, 2 block snack, then ate some cookies and a glass of milk with the kids. I do not intend to let that happen again. I will say that if you have not eaten healthily in a long time, it is amazing how you rationalize eating junk food so quickly. I started out not intending to eat any cookies, but once they cooled off I really don't remember making the decision to eat one. I didn't realize that I was straying from my diet until I was eating the second cookie. I will make neccessary adjustments to make sue that does not happen anymore.
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