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Joe's CF & Zone Diet Log

Today is my start date for Crossfit and the Zone. I am out of shape so I will be scaling the WODs for a while or changing them as needed to work around a wrist injury. I will also be adding a few select exercises in order to improve lagging muscles. Will be weighing myself and taking new measurements every Saturday. I want to get below 10% bodyfat before I start trying to add considerable amounts of LBM back on.

1. Stick to to Zone 17 blocks per day until progress stalls, then change as needed to meet goals.
2. Do not miss any workouts days.
3. Get bodyfat between 5 and 10%.
4. Bring weight up to 205 lbs with bodyfat <10%
5. Score >80 on Crossfit PT Test

Current Stats:
Bodyweight= 220
Height= 6'
Waist= 43 1/4"
BMI= 29.8
Approx BF %= 23%
Approx LBM= 170 lbs
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