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Re: Pancreatitis, Paleo/Zone & Crossfit

I have a friend with pancreatitis - he gets a lot of problems (bouts of vomiting, and he is always hot and sweaty, even on days I feel cold, and has a lot of candida in his gut). He can't drink alcohol because the doctor said it would kill him (!) but he loves his sweet things and although he knows he shouldn't eat them, he does. (Bad boy).

Main things to note is that if the pancreas is busted, or missing, then digestive enzymes are not being produced, or in lesser numbers, so your mum would be advised to supplement with enzymes and possibly probiotics.
I'm assuming that, as she has no pancreas, she has to take insulin. I think the main thing is to control her sugar levels so a low carb/sugar/starch diet would be most effective. Good oils like fish, olive, flax etc shouldn't be a problem in small amounts if she is taking enzymes. (Though I'm not a doctor so don't take this as read!)
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