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Re: HA! "Jogging Burns fat better than lifting weights"

Yea the standards based on the article aren't quite even. That's a matter of pretty intense activity (12 miles a week for an overweight person), vs. almost nothing in 3 sets, and its not a fair assessment.

However, that being said, I know for me - running is what makes me lose weight. It always has and yes that is even with nutrition being equal. I can eat the same stuff during a month of heavy resistance training, powerlifting style, olympic stuff, crossfit with all variety of metcons, barbell complexes, etc and I'll improve and lose some weight but nothing compared to old school 20+ miles of running per week. A lot of running IS resistance training for me. When I'm at 200 lbs and I move my body around for 3-5 miles 4+ times a week its resistance =)

It is just how my body responds and 20+yrs of studying tells me so. Maybe its the boxing stuff like I used to do with "road work" that triggers something.
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