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Re: Nothing but Squat

okay now that we have some input, heres my reasoning;

i sustained an elbow injury during sport (hyperextension). this made many upper body movements impossible (and things like deadlifts). I focused on what i could do, squats and sprints. Then, i recalled all the articles ive read, citing squats as the most important exercise for sports performance and gaining strength (i know this is debatable). So then the question was born; "what if all i did, was squat?".

the results after 2 weeks? Ive gone up 10 lbs a week on my squat (3 squat workouts per week). My legs are marginally bigger. and the kicker is, i bench pressed for the first time in 3 weeks the other day, and my bench press was slightly stronger ( i gained 1 rep).

now, i never said that i was speaking in the long term. im sure eventually my other strength lifts would degrade. but for the time being im enjoying the experiment.
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