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Ken Marsley
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Jeremy - Thanks. Yeah, I have a pipe and all those materials. I was hoping there was a more "elegant" solution, but I think that's what I'll end up doing.

Kevin - that's just an inverted high-pull, I think. no activation of the post-chain, below the upper back

Steve/Gorm - Yes, I totally agree. Part of my recovery has been working around the yard. Cutting down trees, logging them, splitting the logs (Ok, with a log-splitter, it doensn't count) and shovelling the infernal clay of Georgia. Reclaiming land from the forest is a truly amazing workout. Plus, I think it gets some serious testosterone flowing. It kills every fiber in my body, for certain. While I was ripping roots and especially vines out of the ground, I realized it's a fantastic deadlift workout. Except when the vines snap. And working with a chainsaw for half a day had me absolutely hobbling by lunch, though it doesn't have quite the same ring as "by hand."

I saved a giantic chunk of wood from an old oak, and was using that as a push/flip workout for a few weeks, but then twisted my ankle on the uneven terrain. Not fun to sit out for a silly mistake like that. I've had some great days on the land, but never again will I take the nice flat floor of a gym for granted. That's why I'm searching for a more controlled activity.

Question: if I took my car up to a nice flat parking lot, and pushed it - would that be satisfactory? (pulling would be better oriented for squats?) I found discovered some old rusty sheet metal, as well - perhaps a sled is worth making also?

Thanks again.


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