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Ken Marsley
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Hi all,

Before y'all start groaning, I realize that there probably isn't a substitution for deadlifts.

But I need your help/suggestions anyways: I'm stuck in rural GA for a few months with no gym in sight. What I do have at my disposal is rocks, fence posts, logs, scrap metal, sand, and some nice railroad ties.

I'm recovering from a dislocated shoulder, so I'm taking things nice and slow (especially since I'm new to xfit also).

My thought is that, without the benefit of a barbell, I'll probably be grappling something thick, and it will have to be between my legs (yeah yeah, bring out the jokes). E.G. sumo lifting stacked concrete blocks, or lifting one end of a railroad tie.

I've also been racking my mind for ways to put "handles" on a railroad tie, since that's the closest thing to a barbell I can think of. Thinking about drilling down through the tie, wrapping nylon tie-downs through, and using PVC cuttings to ease the grip.

ANYWAY, the point is, I won't be able to get close to a max RM using this mountain-man stuff, taking safety and form into account, so can anybody suggest a weight/rep scheme to substitute for 1RM deadlifts? (e.g. bodywt BP = 3 pushups...)

And please don't say to hacksquat a car...
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