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Crossfit Mom Log

Hello out there. I'm a 39-year-old mom of two and have been Crossfitting exclusively since September. I've always exercised, focusing primarily on running and swimming. Two years ago I purchased the P90X program and had some pretty good results. I think it worked for me because I had not spent much time with weights in years and I found a little strength work coupled with a fairly good diet goes a very long way. But, after the 90 day program, I was left feeling "Now What?" I did a second round, ran a marathon, and tried to come up with my own program of weights, swimming, running, kettlebells and yoga. Needless to say I got burned out and frustrated. I became so sick of working out in front of a t.v. and hearing the same silly jokes over and over from the disc.

P90X has a great message board program, and I was diligently hitting the boards, making virtual friends, posting workouts, confessing dietary sins etc. and I started reading about these brutal Crossfit workouts. Being curious, I checked out the site and began incorporating a workout or two per week into my crazy routine. The WODs were the toughest workouts I did each week (often the shortest) and I slowly got hooked. By September of last year, I gave up workout dvds for good (sold my P90X on e-bay) and have been following the WODs and 2 Crossfit Endurance workouts per week.

I decided to start this log in the hopes that newbies browsing the message board will come across my workouts and see that a regular working mom is having great results with this program. Every month I'm making progress and hitting new goals in all aspects of fitness, and as new weaknesses are exposed, I find I am no longer afraid to tackle them head-on.

I need a little work on my diet; yes I proclaim to follow the Zone (measure and weigh) but cheat more often than I should. I feel that I'm ready to take the intensity up a notch in the workouts, the diet, and my overall discipline. I work in a stressful environment (family-owned car dealership) and Crossfit has helped me deal with the anxiety and uncertainty that prevails today. One of the steps I'm taking in my new "hard routine" is accountability to myself and the Crossfit community. So, in addition to posting to my daily results to my personal log, they will be posted here for the world to see. Hopefully I'll get a few comments and some advice along the way.

Looking forward to Clean and Jerks tomorrow.
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