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Re: Critique my diet please


Yes I do eat veggies. I'll have green beans, broc, spinach just at night though so I will add more throughout the day and cut some carbs. I just didn't type that out cause I was being lazy today and they don't have a lot of calories.

I like my carbs in the morning. But I'll cut them out in the afternoon and have just a protein and veggies.

What do you suggest post workout to speed recovery? I read a couple studies that show that chocolate milk helps speed this up.

My reason for training so much is that I am joining the Marine Corps. I want to have a first class PFT. Also I just quit my job (and not working again before I leave for bootcamp) and basically just concentrating on my physical fitness.

I started getting into crossfit almost 2 years ago. Right now I'm training at the monkey bar gym in Madison, WI. It is similar to crossfit. Here was this weeks workouts.
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