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Pat Janes
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I saw Coach Sommer's post to the dragon door forum a while back and did exactly what he was suggesting. Even when I could only hold myself off the ground straight arms for 2 secs at a time, that's what I did.

After a couple of weeks, 2secs turned into about 15-20 secs; and 1 inch off the ground turned into 6 inches... basically I think that eventually you just have to "give it a go" no matter how far away the end result seems.

The same goes for the press-to-handstand ideas in the January 2004 Crossfit Journal. It tells you just to keep practicing pressing - no jumping or bouncing into it. A couple of days ago my feet rose off the ground for the 1st time, when it didn't seem like they were ever going to.

Still got a long way to go myself with these things, but the idea of just working at it, and trying things even when it doesn't "feel" like you're getting anywhere has worked for me.
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