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Re: Stefan's "Starting Strength" Work out Log

Originally Posted by Stefan Geertsen View Post
Thanks Jacob. That's an interesting idea, I might have to go buy myself them straps for my grips. At first I was doing my deadlifts bare hand, then I used gloves but didn't feel much difference so I'm guessing the chalk won't either.

Today's Work out:

Squats 3sets x 200lbs x 5 reps
Shoulder press 3sets x 100lbs x 5 reps (increased!..but was kinda hard in the last set)
Power Clean 5sets x 130lbs x 3 reps (will increase to 135)
Weighted Pull up 2sets x "+5lbs" x 8 reps (not sure if I will ever be able to upgrade this)
I've actually read that gloves can make the grip harder. After reading up on the whole straps deal you should probably not get them. I have just recently found out that I shouldn't be using them. I have been advised to use an alternating grip or a hook grip. I'm going to try the hook grip next time I deadlift. I'd still try the chalk too; it can help out quite a bit.
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