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Re: piriformis symdrome, rotated pelvis, lumbar sublux, out of comission for a while.

I know it all, have been going through this for the last - I don't know how long. Its only been the last 4 months that I've had adjustments done and got my leg lengths right but I still get a lot of butt pain. I've tried everything - pilates, stretching etc. Mine is compounded with the fact that my back/pelvis was out for so long it stuffed my right knee up. So I"ve just started squatting again but am not getting very far. I still am taking anti inflammatories on and off- they do help. I'm off to the sports med doc again next Monday, might get a bone scan and prolotherapy. Its really hard to run when you have this piercing pain in your butt! All the massage in the world doesn't last. And for me there's a definite cyclic thing which you don't have to worry about. PMT is my worst time - it always falls in a heap then. Happy to keep you posted, and v. v. please!

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