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Re: piriformis symdrome, rotated pelvis, lumbar sublux, out of comission for a while.

Stretching helps but if you can get some massage that would help. Deep tissue in the glute to loosen up the piriformis and other muscles around that area. Massage in the L4-L5 area should also help.

Chiro (or a good PT) should be able to fix your SI problem. Your chiro sounds fairly good from what you've said so yeah.. hopefully that works out.

Basically yeah you might have to relearn movement patterns if you've been doing stuff on your messed up SI joint depending on how long it has been since that happened. For example, if it's been a couple of months to a year on the wrong movement pattern even fixing the problem and going back to exercise can just put you back where you started because you're moving wrong. Once you start back doing exercise I would suggest very strict form and see if you can videos of your movements so that you can see if something is off. You don't want that to happen again.
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