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piriformis symdrome, rotated pelvis, lumbar sublux, out of comission for a while...

a few years ago i subluxed my L5 after the wheels on the stectcher didnt catch after pulling a rather large patient out of the back of an ambulance. i went to a chiropractor, found crossfit and got to a point where every once in a while it would aggrivate me, but it was tolerable. then, about four months ago i was training at the jiu jitsu academy, rolling with a guy 90 pounds heavier than me. i tried to gogoplata him, he postured up out of it, stacked me and compressed my spine and that's when i re-injured my back. for a few months i just tolerated it, went lighter, tried to keep super strict form, but as time passed it got worse and worse. (i don't think the owner of the affiliate i was training at believed me and i think he thought i was just being a big ***** because he would be insistant on me going heavy with KB swings, snatches, DL's etc. some days i could handle it, but other days it just hurt too much. i always listened to my body though).

when i was out at the orange county fire authority cert this past december i started getting a really annoying pain in both my buttocks in addition to the chronic pain i was constantly experiencing. over the next month it got to the point where i couldn't take it. i went to a chiropractor and found i have a L4 and L5 sublux (already knew about the L5), my SI joint is not happy, my pelvis is rotated, and the new pain is from piriformis syndrome, which is when the piriformis muscle aggrivates/puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. all of these combined makes for a very uncomfortable situation. i am going for an MRI soon, but the chiropractor is pretty sure there are no bulging discs. (most of my symptoms/pain aside from the piriformis symdrome is concentrated around my right SI joint).

is there anyone out there who has any experience with any of these types of injuries? the piriformis symdrome sucks and is really annoying. the chiropractor is sure i will make a 100% recovery from this, it will just take some time and patience on my part and strict adherance to ice, ibuprophen and stretching on my part in addition to her treatments.

right now i am pretty much stuck with just doing pull-ups and push ups, and slow air squats. seriously, everything else hurts like hell. i have to be careful not to kip or frog kip to much when doing pull ups as this aggrivates my back as well.

if anyone out there has experience with any of these injuries i would greatly appreciate any input and advice on what you did to recover.

thank you all in advance and look forward to your feedback!

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